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NYTE Levels The Playing Field For The Indie Theater Community

NYTE strives to bring together diverse members of the indie theater sector to foster collaboration, fellowship, and mutual understanding among these hard-working artists who otherwise might never have an opportunity to meet and communicate with one another. Partnering with a broad array of theater institutions like the New York International Fringe Festival we bring the ethos and spirit of indie theater to audiences worldwide, and foster interaction, engagement, and collaboration with and among theater practitioners.

Over the years Martin, our executive director, has participated in dozens and dozens of workshops and panels with groups such as Algonquin Productions, The Dish, Drama League, among many more. He has hosted talkbacks after various performances at Barrow Street Theatre and T. Schreiber Studio, to name a few. He has been an invited guest lecturer at classes at NYU, Pace University and others. He was instrumental in the founding of the League of Independent Theatre and serves on its Board of Directors; he's also on the Board of Directors of The Present Company.

The Indie Theater Movement

So what exactly is indie theater? Actually, it's just what the name implies: theater that's independent, economically and artistically, from the mainstream. It's theater that's not beholden to any specific business or interest group. The budgets are smaller than what you'll find in a Broadway or off-Broadway venue, but the breadth of accomplishment—the ability and desire to take risks, to try new things, to challenge and engage the audience—is significantly greater.

The indie theater movement got its name from playwright Kirk Wood Bromley. It was officially launched at the First Ever Indie Theater Convocation, which was organized and hosted by NYTE on April 9, 2006. At that meeting, more than 150 indie theater artists came together for the first time to talk about how to start spreading the word about this burgeoning and important but heretofore loosely understood sector of the NYC theatre community.

"In a big way, New York's indie theater community is what it is today because Martin Denton had the passion and foresight to make info about indie theater available on the internet back in '96."

...Richard Kent Green,
Workshop Theater Company

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