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Help us make 20 years of reviews, podcasts, and interviews from, nytheater now, and nytheatrecast completely available and accessible online to all

What We Will Make

In this project, we are going to build two different but complimentary resources:

  1. A searchable, fully accessible, user-friendly archive containing all of the reviews, podcasts, profiles and articles that were published on and our other websites from 1997 through the present day. That's 20 years of indie theater history in a single resource! UPDATE! On February 1, 2017, we are releasing the initial edition of our archive. It includes more than 2,700 reviews, encompassing some from the first days of in 1997-98 along with every review of the New York International Fringe Festival.
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  2. An ebook that provides context for the archived material. It will be written by founder/editor/chief reviewer Martin Denton, with lots of input from a host of indie artists. The exact format is still TBD - our goal is to come up with something that's conversational and engaging, that folks will enjoy interacting with as they explore the material in the archive.

What We Need

In addition to the seed money provided by our initial campaign last year, we need funds to cover ongoing operational and developmental costs:

  1. The cost of hosting the website and the search engine is $150 per month, which amounts to $1,800 per year.
  2. The other operating costs for the website (domain name, email hosting, and related technology) are about $200 per year.
  3. Other costs include software development (for the search engine features and interactivity features in the ebook), and content prep (locating, reviewing, and formatting the thousands of reviews, interviews, and podcasts for inclusion in the archive). This comprises hundreds of hours of effort.

Why Is This Important?

The body of work we created on and our other websites over the past 20 years is literally a one-of-a-kind resource that documents the foundational innovative art created by tens of thousands of theater practioners. No one else covered the NYC indie theater scene with the breadth, depth, and care that NYTE brought to it. was the only outlet that reviewed every show in FringeNYC from 2002-2014. nytheatrecast was the only regular podcast that brought the work of indie artists to the digital airwaves every week from 2005-2013.

Here are some of the indie artists who told us they got their first review on Christina Gorman, Crystal Skillman, Penny Jackson, Kelly McAllister, Kevin Augustine, Cheryl King, Matthew Trumbull, Jordan Seavey, Arthur Adair, Daniel Maté, David Johnston, Bob Brader, Daniel Irizarry, Timothy Nolan, Rob Reese, Jill Jichetti, Adam R. Burnett, Melisa Annis, Stephen Gracia, Noah Diamond, Kari Bentley-Quinn.

This is the history of an artistic community. Its preservation is essential, as a monument to the great work that it encompassed and as a guidepost and inspiration to future generations of theater-makers.

What Are The Risks And Challenges Of This Project?

Well, we are living in interesting times, to say the least. But the good news is that there are virtually no technical challenges to the fulfillment of this project. Mostly we need the funding support to cover our costs and to sustain us as we spend the next several months downloading reviews and other files from our servers and going through the various steps of integrating the material into the archive.

And, of course, Martin needs to make an ebook. That's going to take some time, but we don't foresee any difficulties. Especially if we can get dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of the indie artists whose work will be part of that ebook to volunteer some time and reminiscences to ensure that it's as complete as it can be. (See the next section for a bit more about this.)

The one thing we are certain of: we are committed to making this happen. No matter what.

How You Can Help

In addition to contributing $, you can help make the nytheater indie archive project a reality by doing any of the following:

  1. Follow us on Facebook. Comment on our posts, and share them with your friends. Post on our Facebook page (and on your page, too!) about why this project matters to you.
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  3. Be a part of the ebook creation process! Martin will be reaching out to folks over the coming weeks and months to share memories and materials about their work. You don't have to wait to hear from us, though; let us know you want to be involved.
    Send an email to Martin and let him know that you want to participate

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